Secrets to Successfully Scaling Your Business

By Aakash Chaudhry

We began in 1988 with a small coaching institute. My father would not have considered growing the
business at the time, but once you find success in the tiniest things, you recognize the necessity for it.
We were expanding in terms of students, centers, and excellent outcomes. My father and I could have
started a successful business, but we wanted to do more. We wanted to leave a legacy that could assist
individuals achieve their goals, hence scaling and expanding was the only way to do so.
Scaling up is critical for any firm, in my opinion. Once the organization is established, some factors
should be considered before scaling up. I call this CRPNOTS:

  1. Customer: You can never build your business without the support of your customers. If the
    consumer is satisfied with your service, there is a good probability that your business will
    expand even if you don’t attempt it because word of mouth has always been one of the finest
    marketing techniques in a densely populated nation like India. Make sure your customers trust
    your products and services so that they can help you grow your business.
  2. Replicate: Once you’ve unlocked the magical recipe, all you have to do is repeat and replicate it
    everywhere else. It is critical to recreate an accomplishment over and over again in order to
    have a profound and consistent influence.
  3. Product: The product is a perpetual process of refinement and invention, rather than a one-time
    investment. If you want to expand your firm, you must give your product wings by providing
    unrivaled services. My father ran his center, but he had no management, sales force, or financial
    staff to advocate and support the product. Thus, it is critical that your product is constantly
    enhanced and managed.
  4. Network: Scaling up without a network is equivalent to trying to satisfy hunger without food. To
    expand your firm phenomenally, you must have not only a robust network system but also an
    alive and intelligent network system. We have networked with many companies like HONO, and
    Byju’s that have helped us in our growth.
  5. Offering: People join you to fulfill their goals, whether they are academic, financial, or
    professional. As a result, it is your responsibility to provide for your employees in accordance
    with their wishes, expectations, and your norms. Nothing operates until you provide substance
    to the other person. At Aakash, we offered training sessions, courses, and certifications for
    trainers and instructors to guarantee that they not only elevate themselves but also us as a
    business. We made sure to provide them with resources that will improve the general quality of
  6. Team: You can’t accomplish everything by yourself. As I previously stated, your product need
    service to back it up and provide consistency, which means you need a staff. You’ll need a group
    of individuals that share your enthusiasm and aren’t afraid of hard work and innovation. To
    build your business, you need a team of individuals who are passionate about what they do. And
    it is more about recognizing those individuals who can sail your ship like a skillful captain.
  7. System: People fail, but systems do not, as I often remark. And, as I previously stated, I do not
    mean that one should not trust people, but rather that one should make people trust the
    system so that it is easy to assess at the end of the day. At Aakash, we did the same thing. We
    developed systems, trained people to use them, and deployed them to replicate the systems
    across India. My system is my greatest strength because it keeps my confidence, performance,
    and team intact.
    Here are some pointers to help you understand the scaling process, but there may be other ways to do
    it and still achieve success. All you need is a solid foundation and a positive attitude toward it.

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