How I stay focused and motivated

By Aakash Chaudhry

If you’re looking for all things great about motivation, you’ve come to the wrong place, because I believe there is an irony in the psychology of motivation. 

It is a word we all have heard and used in our lives at many times and places.  

Can’t do anything? Motivate yourself!

Feeling stuck? Motivate yourself!

Relationship crisis? Motivate yourself!

Motivation, often seen as the key to overcoming life’s obstacles, can sometimes resemble a fleeting rush of dopamine. Like dopamine, it offers a temporary sense of fulfillment that fades away once the initial excitement wanes. This transient nature of motivation often leads us to abandon our pursuits when the spark diminishes, leaving us feeling directionless.

Relying solely on motivation can be a burden, as it requires a constant search for inspiration. There are moments when we must fulfill our responsibilities even when motivation seems out of reach. Through personal experience, I’ve discovered that consistency holds more power than motivation. While motivation may dwindle over time, consistency perseveres. Humans may falter, but systems can provide unwavering support. Therefore, it becomes crucial to establish systems that foster motivation, ensuring enduring consistency and discipline.

At our core, we prioritize consistency over fleeting bursts of motivation. By integrating motivation into our systems, we create a structured routine that endures even during times of scarcity. Recognizing early on that motivation alone can be inadequate, we have learned the importance of research and development, consistency, discipline, systems, and a rational approach in our endeavors.

We have always embraced motivation as a catalyst for setting ambitious goals while harmonizing it with discipline and well-established systems. The most fruitful path lies in a balanced synergy between motivation and discipline, where they work hand in hand to propel us forward.

For those seeking to maintain motivation and focus in both work and life, my suggestion is to cultivate a healthy equilibrium between discipline and motivation. Instead of relying solely on fleeting bursts of motivation, prioritize consistency and dedicated effort. While motivation can ignite the initial flame, it is the unwavering commitment and regular progress that keep the fire burning brightly.

“Consistency is what transforms average into excellence.” – Robin Sharma

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